Saturday, March 1, 2008

Moule's Morning Act of Faith

Bishop Handley Carr Glyn Moule (1841-1920)

The following is found in Bishop Moule's Thoughts on Union with Christ, and has been a mainstay of my life for decades:


I believe on the Name of the Son of God.

Therefore I am in Him, having Redemption through His Blood, and Life by His Spirit.

And He is in me, and all fulness is in Him.

To Him I belong, by purchase, conquest, and self-surrender.

To me He belongs, for all my hourly need.

There is no cloud between my Lord and me.

There is no difficulty, inward or outward, which He is not ready to meet in me to-day.

The Lord is my Keeper. Amen.


Jon Anderson said...


I was going through some old books that I have, and came across a small blue book written by H.C.G.Moule from 1890 and had to check out who this man actually was. Thanks for sharing this information.

Jennifer said...

Mr. Beckman,

Thank you for sharing Moule's morning act of faith. Do you have his evening prayer, too?
Jennifer Noel

The Rev. David Beckmann said...

Jennifer: let's see, you posted in April and I'm replaying in July. I'm doing such a great job!
Anyhow, the Morning Act of Faith is in the appendix of Union with Christ. I've not seen a prayer for the evening. Have you ever run across something like that? I'd also love to see it.
Thank you for your kind comment.