Monday, January 19, 2009

Important words from Bishop Iker

"It is for this reason that I have given my support to the initiative of the Common Cause Partnership in forming a new Province, the Anglican Church in North America. Though we have our continuing differences over the issue of the ordination of women, Bishop Duncan and the CCP lead bishops have given assurances that there will be no women bishops in the new Province and that the historic, traditional theological position on this matter will be protected, respected and welcomed. Anglo-catholic participants, while grateful for this attitude, have called for a thorough theological and biblical study of the issue of the ordination of women as a top priority in the new province. It must give due consideration to the reality that the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, which together comprise over 80% of the world's Christians, have already spoken on this issue and that unilateral actions on our part have already seriously damaged ecumenical relations for the future. Are we willing to submit to the mind of the whole church? Are we really committed to abiding by common consent as determined by general councils?"


The Bishop is absolutely right. The women's ordination idea originated from sinful worldliness and bad hermeneutic. Christians have been worldly when they have allowed the world (think radical Christendom-hating feminisim) to squeeze them into their mold (Rom. 12:2) and they have used bad hermeneutic when they have accepted and acted upon the idea that the moral principles in Holy Scripture have been culturally tainted. The whole momentum behind this hermeneutical assumption is based, not on history, but on politics and a desire to self-will. The world - especially the academic elite - believe that radical egalitarianism (Scripture is hierarchical) must obliterate patriarchy (which is also a Biblical concept). It was not an attempt to understand truth but to continue the radical humanistic revolution. The Reconstruction marches on.

The Church has already spoken.

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