Monday, July 7, 2008

The Rt. Rev. John H. Rodgers Jr. on "Where do we go from here?"

If you have not read Dr. Roger's statement on the future of the Anglican Communion, I highly recommend it. David Virtue posted it today, and you can read it here. I believe the bishop is spot on, at least for the most part. There is going to have to be some structuring that allows continued argument against women's ordination and that would allow this to be corrected in the future. I'm also concerned about the practicality of people aligning themselves with bishops that agree with them on this matter. It may be that those who cannot approve women's ordination will eventually be their own constituency and hopefully the rest of the otherwise orthodox will see the error of their ways in generations to come. The fruits of the last century in western Anglicanism may be more bitter for a longer time than we think.

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Rev. Beckmann said...

David Virtue comments on Rodgers' statement, contrasting it with Wrights's. Click here.