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The Worst Danger of CRT

[I'm still working on this:] The assumptions and practice of Critical Race Theory are a purposeful attempt to undermine traditional American culture (think Christendom).  That's not good.  But, there's something worse.   Nations will come and go anyway.  The worst thing about CRT is that it is a violation of the Golden Rule.   Therefore it is sinful and perilous to an eternal soul.  To promote CRT - or to enforce it, as the case may be - is to promote the transgression of God's law, which is worse than violating our sympathy for traditional American institutions or way of life, for these things are temporal.  Hell is eternal. As Christians, our mission is to call all to repentance, whatever the sin may be, and point them to the Saviour.  We should certainly be concerned for justice in our society - CRT promotes  injustice  - but our main concern is that which is eternal.  Therefore, our conversation with anyone who is in favour of CRT must be to point them to the law of

A Funeral Sermon: A Time for Every Season Under Heaven

I recently preached this sermon at the funeral of my brother-in-law, designated herein as "V."  I've taken out a lot of personal stuff.  The text is that famous first periocope in Ecclesiastes 3.           Many of us here remember the ‘60’s – how can we forget them!  What a time!  As we read the first lesson from Ecclesiastes, I’m sure many if not all of us were reminded of the Bob Dylan song made famous by The Byrds, “Turn, Turn, Turn”…. As the passage says, we live in seasons, and all our seasons have a purpose, and every purpose is under heaven.   God sees it all, he knows about it all, and he is ultimately seeking our good in it all – as hard as that may be to believe at times.   It’s easy enough to see how our birth was good, but death is not a good thing: it’s a curse brought upon us by the sin of Adam and Eve.   But, however or whenever our death comes, God is still good and He is still watching over his purpose under heaven…. But let’s focus for a few minutes