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The Free Speech Union

If we do not maintain free speech in our society, we forfeit the ability to freely make disciples in our culture.

Nothing New

Here's an interesting excerpt from an article about reasons behind the War Between the States.  Sound familiar?  Just change "Republican" to "Democrat" or vice versa.   "5. Republican willingness to protect terrorists. The John Brown terrorists who escaped to the North were incarcerated. The states with Republican governors refused to extradite them [for prosecution in Virginia] and let them go. The South looked upon this as a preview of what they could expect from a Republican president. When John Brown seized Harpers Ferry, Democratic President Buchanan sent in the Marines. The Southern leaders asked if they could expect the same from a Republican president? The answer was no." [source:  ]

Ephesians 3:1-13

We are taking turns teaching through Ephesians for our church Sunday School this summer.  This is my first turn.  I provide an overview of the epistle up to this point, explain why Paul has interrupted himself as he was going to write another prayer, and then focus on an important application.