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Message for Trinity Sunday, 2013

Trinity Sunday, 2013 Romans 5, Beckmann The news in our country over the last couple of months or so has been very rough.  We were not yet over the Newtown school shooting when we hear of the bombing in Boston - and children being killed and dismembered - and then we had the Benghazi hearings and learned what really happened this past 9/11 and how much the WH has tried to cover up for political reasons - which is simply horrible - and most recently, as the scandals continue to flow like a torrent out of the Federal Administration, I could say, our whole country was hit by a tornado in Oklahoma, and again our minds picture children dead in a school.  It's just all so horrible.  And in the face of it all, the hearts of people everywhere cry out to God - Why?  Why did these things happen?  Couldn't you have stopped this, God?  Couldn't you have done something to keep the shooter from getting to the school, the bombs from working, and the tornado from blowing?   And what i