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Sermon for Ascension, 2022

Why are we here this evening?  We are here to celebrate the ascension of Jesus, the Son of God, to the throne of David in heaven, so that he might rule over all things until the final consummation of salvation history.  We make Easter perhaps the biggest event of the year.  Yet - as my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Levi at East Brainerd Elementary, would have put it - she loved the word "behove" - it behoves us to understand that the main reason Jesus's resurrection was important was that it was the means to his ascension.  The whole point of Jesus coming back alive was so he could go back to his Father and be our living, reigning King.  And the Bible, literarily, cannot seem to say enough' about it  - stretching the Greek language to its limits - in order to describe how important this ascension to the throne of David is. Let us take a moment and just consider the trajectory of the history of Jesus toward this goal, so we can picture its importance to him and our salvat