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What can be wrong with the Prayer Book?

Yes, it's me.  What can be wrong with the liturgy of the Prayer Book?  It's just Scripture and prayers of the Fathers and other great Christians.  How can it be dull, dead, boring?  Is Scripture dull, dead, boring?  The problem with a dull and dead Prayer Book service is the dull and dead hearts praying it.  Have those hearts renewed in faith and love and the service will shine with life. We also have here the reason why The Episcopal Church wants to keep changing the Prayer Book.  They don't like Scriptural truth! Unchurched people wouldn't know one liturgy from another.  They know when they are encountering God and being loved by His people.  What more likely way are they to encounter God if they are in a service that is full of the Word, well-ordered and reasoned out in light of the Trinitarian faith, read and sung with hearts of love? BTW, you can kill a Prayer Book service by just reading it out like a routine, with no expression of the words being spoken.