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Living Integrated Lives in a Fragmented World

I summarize and comment on the recent address by Dick Keyes at the Friends of L'Abri Conference at Lipscomb University this past weekend.  However, I do start with a few brief comments about the order in which the Narnia books can be read - I refer, btw, to a previous video I recorded for my Patreon supporters .

C. S. Lewis on Holy Communion

This is an excerpt from Session 7 of my course on C. S. Lewis and prayer, filmed in Lewis's home church in Oxford.

Sermon for St.'s Peter and Paul

Image: crop of Saint Peter and Saint Paul: Artist: El Greco (1541-1614)  This is the text from my sermon recently. It is an understatement to say that the institution of the church in the western world today is in a mess.  There has been so much compromise and so much worldliness that the idea of a true Christian in the mind of many observers outside the Church is very confused indeed.  To whom do we point today to say, "That's a Christian?"   Is it Joel Olsteen?  Is it Pope Francis?  Is it Bishop Gene Robinson in the Episcopal Church?  All these people believe very different things and live very different lives.   Well, today we are remembering the apostles Peter and Paul , and I think it's safe to say that they were true Christians.  Thankfully we know what they would say about it all , for we can read their opinion in the New Testament.  As for Paul , he tells us here in our lesson from Ephesians - in verse 20 - that the Christian Church is like a temple t