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Debriefing Letters to Malcolm

Below is my address to the Oxford C. S. Lewis Society,  28 April, 2015. I want to thank the officers of our Society for allowing me to speak tonight on the last book that Lewis wrote: Letters to Malcolm , first published in 1964. Let us remind ourselves that Lewis had originally started a book on prayer in 1952.  There is a 45 page manuscript of this early attempt preserved, which I, sadly, have not yet had the time to peruse.  Walter Hooper thinks that Lewis dropped this early attempt because he believed it was coming across in too doctrinaire a fashion, and he thought it poor form to be addressing the public as if he somehow believed himself an expert on the subject.  Lewis writes in Letter XII, parag. 4: "But however badly needed a good book on prayer is, I shall never try to write it.  Two people on the foothills comparing notes in private are all very well.  But in a book one would inevitably seem to be attempting, not discussion, but instruction.  And for me to offer th

Joining the ACNA

This is a picture of me, with Archbishop Foley Beach and Rev. Brice Ullman at Anglican Church of the Redeemer, Chattanooga, in September, 2014, when I officially became a priest in ACNA. Yes, I'm wearing a tippit instead of a white stole. I didn't know we were having Holy Communion during the service. Should have known.