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Moule on Preaching

H. C. G. Moule, Bishop of Durham In the name of the Bible, in the name of the Ordinal, in the name of prophets and apostles, and of an innumerable company of witnesses and messengers of the Lord all down the long walks of Christian history; in the supreme name of Him who from Capernaum to the very crisis of His Sacrifice was the Preacher of Himself; are we not right in making all the appeal we can to the Church, and all the prayer we can to God, for a great revival of the pulpit? Well and nobly does Dr. Arthur Mason write (Faith of the Gospel, ix. 2): "First among the appointed means of grace comes the preaching of the Word of God. There is a truly sacramental grace and power in preaching." "The words are not mere words, but vehicles of something beyond words." "If preaching is not reckoned among the Sacraments, but parallel with them, it is because it is more, not less, than a Sacrament. The gift conveyed through it indeed may not be greater, but it