Monday, June 22, 2009

Excerpt from Sermon today on Psalm 19

May I take this image of the sun lighting up the world and relate it to our duty to be spiritual examples? The image reminds us that, as the sun is the light of the earth, you and I are to be the light of the world – the light of the people who are around us. According to David, the sun moves through the sky and shines upon us all because God wants to make Himself known. He has also made us the light of the world so that He might make Himself known. Are you as zealous for God to be made known to the people around you as God shows himself to be by giving us the sun? We all should be. The creation not only declares the glory of God but it reveals the zeal of God that all the world should know that glory. It is a reminder for us to carry the light of the knowledge of God to all the world, as the sun carries its light of the glory of God to all the world.

Wherever we may be, with whomever we may be, especially when we are with our families, we should be like the sun to them. We should always be ready to declare to them the glory of God which we have learned from our relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. And this does not have to be hard. You probably have heard St. Augustine's summary of living the Christian life: "Love God and do as you please." May I adapt that statement and say simply let yourself enjoy God and then be yourself. People all around you enjoy all kinds of things and are ready to tell you about the latest event, or experience they have had with what they enjoy: the latest game, the latest story they’ve heard, the latest tomato from their garden. It is only natural for us to share what we enjoy. Let your enjoyment of your walk with God naturally spill over in your conversation with your families – be a sun to them, declaring the glory of God in your life.

But how may we so enjoy our walk with God, that we will have things to tell people; that we will have something to spill over? Well, David is spilling over in this psalm with the glory of God which he is experiencing from the Word of God. Having spoken of how God reveals himself through creation, he now lays out in Psm. 19, in poetic language how God reveals himself to us in his Law. As he does so, he has six different titles for God’s law, each with its own characteristic, and with its own effect upon our lives. Let’s look at a few of them....

Now you see what I’m doing with these verses; I could go on, but for the sake of time, I’ll leave the rest to you. The main point of it all is that God reveals himself and he does so for a purpose. He wants the whole world to know his glory, so he shines the sun upon them. He wants you, his children, to know Him so that you may be whole, and so he shines the light of his glory in your heart as you hear his word. He wants you to know Him in His Word because it is only in knowing Him that you may be healed and delivered from your sin and that you may have eternal life.

Do you see how valuable the Bible is for you?

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lovely sermon