Thursday, February 25, 2016

United with Beauty

In The Weight of Glory, Lewis says we are meant to get into the Beauty we see in the universe around us; to be united with it.

Our literature often depicts beings that reflect what is seen in Nature as the sphere of their existence, both ontologically (it comprises the nature of their being) and circumstantially.  We write stories like that because we want to be able to step into that world (overcoming exclusion) and we like the idea of beings so closely connected, united, to the beauty we see in Nature.  It's the kind of stuff Tolkien dreamed of when he created his elves. 

Nature reflects the objective reality of the thing that our desires point to, but as mere distant echoes.  If we are in Christ, we will endure after Nature is gone and enter into that which Nature has reflected in this age.  

He has redeemed us to become what we were meant to be as human beings, and being one with his Beauty is part of that vocation.  Like our Saviour, we too will shine as the stars, but with an even greater glory. 

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