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The Challenge of the Impossible

From our evensong service, 15 April, 2023, from Numbers 11 and Mark 10.
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A Rightly Ordered Heart - March, 2023

 Here's my homily for the March, 2023, evensong service at our church; these are always on the short side :-).

Sola Scriptura - 18 Feb '23

My homily for the feast of Martin Luther, 18 February, 2023.

What is a "Romance?"

Jerry Root, in a video talk by the CS Lewis Institute , said that the term Romance was connected with the story of Aeneas, told by Virgil, wherein he longed for Rome.  Thus the term Romance refers to a story that contains the element of longing for home, viz. Rome, in the case of Aeneas. I wonder if the term is that directly connected to this aspect of the life of Aeneas.  I can easily see how it is connected to the motif of longing for home, or for some other longing of the soul.  I did some internet searches on the term Romance , and it is commonly connected with the Romance languages, but no connection is made with any particular story.  For fun, I consulted Chatgpt on the matter.  Here's the conversation: Me: Is the source of the term Romance connected with the story of Aeneas in Virgil's Aeneid? Chatgpt: Yes, the term "Romance" is connected with the story of Aeneas in Virgil's Aeneid. The term "Romance" originally referred to a narrative poem i

Courage in Witness - John 10:22f.

My homily for Evensong at our church, 21 January, 2023.  We need to pray for each other that we may follow our Lord's example to be courageous as we testify to the truth about Him.

Lectio Series - Lecture #3 - Lewis and the Christian Hope


Lectio Series - Lecture #2 - Lewis, Barfield, and RO