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Friday, May 10, 2019

We already have a free education...

Free college tuition is being touted at present, with the claim (opinion) that college education is a right.  After all, everyone needs a job (note the questions begged here)  Of course, such an arrangement would be one more straw on the camel's back of our economy.

We already have a "free" (tax-payer paid) education system, that, if it was doing a wiser job, would make college unnecessary for many people.  If we would get rid of our "one size fits all" mind-set, and recognize that people are different, we could do much to serve our young better.

Why do we make teen-aged students - especially boys - sit through classes in highschool that they know are not fitting them for anything they want to do?  We need to do what the Brits do: differentiate between those who are talented for academic careers and those who will be entering trades.  We need to discern the differences between our students and serve those who need to be learning a trade.  Get those energetic and bored young men learning a trade so that, when they graduate, they can earn a living and get on with adulthood.

A real college education is, if anything, an academic pursuit.  Students who are not academically inclined in high school aren't going to be academically inclined in college (can we say frat parties?).  They need a different path to adulthood and they need to get on with it earlier.

But the free college tuition idea serves another Federal-level power grab.  God help our children.

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